About Us

Connect is peer-to- peer decentralised blockchain based cryptocurrency that integrates popular feature of e-commerce marketplacefor B2B and B2C connections across the world. The platform is designed to minimize the friction between shopper, retailer and customer, while allowing any type of market experience to flourish. Through connect purchases (transactions of funds) are instant and guaranteed, using inbuilt escrow functionality to protect all parties from theft through scamming, phishing and other common hacks experienced in traditional eCommerce platforms.

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How it Works



In recent years, we have developed various eCommerce platforms and projects up to market readiness. Now the next big step is planned: go online and make the portals internationally known.


Token Sale

On 20th November 2017, the sale of the Connect coin in the form of tokenwill start. With Connect Coin, you can secure an ownership share of our platforms. Once the sales phase is over, you will be able to trade with connect token internally. Also it will listed on all major exchanges


Going Live

After completion of the sales phase (expected in the end of December 2017), our coin will go online. With the earnings from the Token Sale, the platforms are made internationally known. Once our platform is fully developed, you will be able to use our connect coin for trading and can also use on all major e-commerce platforms.


ICO Information

Coin Name Connect
Ticker Symbol CNN
Coin Supply 250,000,000 Connect Coins
Token Representation 1 Connect Token = 10 Connect Coins
Current Price 1 Connect Coin = $0.53
Emission rate No new coins will ever be created
Accepted currencies Bitcoin & Etherum
Minimum transaction amount 100 tokens
ICO sale period 12:01am UTC Nov 20th 2017 to 11:59 pm UTC Dec 25 th 2017


Pre ICO Round 1


12th Oct – 16th Oct

Pre ICO Round 2


26th Oct - 19th Nov

ICO Round 1


Day-1, 20th Nov

ICO Round 2


21st Nov- 5th Dec

ICO Round 3


6th Dec- 20th Dec

ICO Round 4


21st Dec- 25th Dec


Terms & Conditions

Why Connect

Secured & Trusted E-commerce Platform

The first Blockchain-based platform for trusted e-commerce marketplace to allow shopping lovers to raise their voice and have an impact on the global e-commerce industry.

RealTime Transactions

Your "buy" and "sell" orders get executed in realtime on the blockchain. Its a decentralised network that is always 24/7 accessible.

Trading Platform

A decentralised Trading Platform to provide user interface experience to all members along B2B and B2C. No long supply chains, no more high international transaction costs.

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